Chinatown spans from Canal to Worth Streets and the Bowery to Church Street and serves as home to more than 150,000 immigrants from all over Asia. The neighborhood’s main industries are food (restaurants and shops alike) and garment factories. More than half of its residents still mainly speak their native language so strolling along this area you’ll be able to hear at least five dialects of Chinese – all different from each other.

The first major settling place for Chinese immigrants on the East coast, self-sufficient Chinatown remains one of the largest, most active Chinese gathering points in the world,boasting an exceptional community-wide comradeship and work ethic, as well as great appeal for outsiders.The streets in Chinatown are an especially vibrant sight during the Chinese New Year. Popular restaurants in the area include:  Joe’s Shanghai (expect long lines) and 69 Bayard (expect dollar bills all over the walls and ceilings).