If you are an investor that hasn’t bought a property in New York yet you should read the section dedicated to the Buyers first.

Property Management

Once the transaction is completed, we offer full on-site assistance. This frees the investor from the preoccupations and problems of long-distance real estate management. We will be your New York staff. If you intend to rent, you can count on us to list your apartment on the rental market, advertise the property, make appointments for visits and find qualified tenants.

The interested tenant must submit all the documentation for the owner’s review. This includes income verification, identification, bank statements, credit check and, if requested, letters of reference and more. Once the tenant passes the approval process the lease agreement is drafted. It usually spans one year with a renewal option that the owner can decide to grant or not. The lease agreement is generally a standard Real Estate Board of NY form that protects both tenant and owner. You can also ask your lawyer to draft a lease more specific to your needs. The lease and the tenant’s documentation are then reviewed by the condo board for the obtainment of the waiver.

For a small annual fee, we will take care of paying your monthly maintenance and taxes and will engage in problem solving in case of any occurrence.
The rental market in New York is historically strong and it has been become even more so in the last years. Very few apartments are vacant.

In addition, we assist you in seeing through small handyman jobs as well as professional restoration work. These assignments are given to reliable and proven craftsmen and companies we are know well.

For Developers and Landlords

We work with landlords that see the New York market as a long term investment as well as developers that prefer to look for short term opportunities to make some healthy profits.
In the first (landlords) case, our work consists of selecting buildings of great quality in neighborhoods that are established or that are in the process of being gentrified. There are several factors to be considered in order to become a landlord in New York. For example the rent stabilization laws can be seen as an opportunity by a landlord or as a less desirable factor by another.

We guide you through all the technical decisions and we make sure you are set up to make your tenants happy and grow your New York portfolio in the future.

In the second (developer) case, we work side by side with individuals and corporations that are in the business of building or renovating a building in order to flip it for a profit.

Our work includes finding the best opportunities and helping the developer new to this market in putting together a team of architects, contractors, and lawyers that can create a master plan and execute the renovation work.

We then sit down with you to coordinate the exit strategy and marketing plan to sell the finish product. We will leave no stone unturned in examining the details that can add value to the project.