Selling a property in New York City can be a stressful experience, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. If handled properly, it can be both rewarding and enjoyable.
So how do you net the highest dollar value? Exposure, Exposure, Exposure! Maximum exposure equals maximum price.

In other words, the more people that know that your property is for sale, the more people will see it and the more offers you will have, causing the price to go up. As brokers and members of REBNY we promise to co-broke your sales listing with every residential brokerage firm in New York City. We will promote your listing among every REBNY and non-REBNY members. We will not deny any legitimate broker an appointment to present your apartment to their buyers. There are over 28,000 licensed agents in New York, and we work with all of them!
We appreciate the opportunity to visit your property and provide you with a free market analysis of its current market value. Our robust experience and effective marketing have made us one of the industry leaders.
Once you begin the process of selling your property, it will be imperative to have a team of experienced professionals working for you. We can refer you to qualified attorneys, mortgage brokers, appraisers and/or accountants to guide you or a prospective buyer from beginning to end.
We work hard to understand your full needs so that your transaction goes as smooth as possible.

Our success formula to sell your property comprises the following key elements that help determine the correct asking price:
* Location: an important factor in determining the value is location.
* Competition: buyers will compare and interpret your property based on comparable ones on the market.
* Timing: market conditions change. An aggressive marketing plan and pricing strategy must take market conditions into consideration
* Condition: property condition should impact the asking price.
* Final Price: we will leverage our experience to pinpoint where we think the property will trade but ultimately the market may feel that the price should be higher or lower.
Here are some tips to help your property stand out from the pack.
* De-clutter: Getting rid of clutter and organizing your things will make your property look bigger and brighter. Prospective buyers can explore it comfortably and imagine the space with their own personal touches.
* Touch up: If you think something is too much trouble to fix, chances are buyers will too. Making certain repairs will allow you to present your property in a better light and to its value.
* Clean up: Presenting a clean home to a buyer shows them the home has been valued and cared for.
* Freshen up: Prior to each showing, place fresh flowers in the apartment, open all of the drapes/blinds, turn on all of the lights, make the beds, put all clothes away and turn off the TV so your home can shine.
* Get out: Potential buyers feel much more comfortable and will be more likely to discuss how they feel about a property if the seller is not at home during the showing.